Arizona State University Pillow Pet

The Arizona State University Sun Devils Pillow Pet

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Arizona State Univesity Sun Devils Sparky Pillow PetIntroducing the Arizona State University Sparky Pillow Pet! Just look at this little guy’s face and you can tell he means business and that business is good! Even if you are not into Sun Devils you have to admire a mascot like Sparky where the facial features and attention to detail are so intense and over the top. That is why he is one of the more recognizable mascots in the collegiate arena and why he is seen quite a bit in advertisements and promotions! He is sure to turn heads!

Arizona State University Sun Devils Sparky Pillow PetWhere does the Sparky Pillow Pet and nickname come from?

Believe or not Sparky was not the original Mascot nickname for Arizona State University! In fact for awhile ASU was known as the Owls, and later on referred to as the Bulldogs. However, during the mid-1940’s a change was made by the student body to get a new mascot and the students overwhelmingly voted to bring in the Sun Devils as their new representative. And from that, Sparky was born. Two years later, a former student and Disney illustrator designed Sparky, pitchfork and all. That is the same design and illustration that we see proudly displayed today.

The Look of the Sparky Sun Devil Pillow Pet

Once again, the look of the Arizona Sparky Sun Devil is quite striking. In fact so much so that he is one of the most well known Collegiate Mascots out there. The Sparky Pillow Pet facial features are without a doubt very recognizable and the quality is second to none. Under two horns are intense eyebrows and big glowing eyes to match. Under that is a grin that can best be described as cheshire cat like. And of course he is wearing the Arizona State Uniform and colors to round out his striking appearance. It is without question why Sparky  has become so popular and why alumni and fans alike are clamoring to buy this Pillow Pet and why they are flying off the shelves.

Purchase Your Arizona State Sun Devils Pillow Pet Here!

8 Responses to Arizona State University Pillow Pet

  1. Judith says:

    Thanks ASU for pulling it out last night! To celebrate I just purchased an Arizona State Pillow Pet! Go Sun Devils!

  2. Hayden says:

    Sparky is one good looking piece of the collection. Glad to see that you have him posted here for us to be able to purchase. Love that evil look he has one his face. Looking forward to receiving mine. Just ordered one!

  3. ASUKATHY says:


  4. Alice says:

    Sparky is a good looking find and I just bought three for my triplets. I am sure they are going to be surprised when they see what Santa brought them! Can’t wait for them to show up in the mail!

  5. Terry says:

    Love the ASU member more than any other I have seen thus far. However, that being said I live in Phoenix so I guess I am kind of biased. Price was right too!

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