Auburn University Pillow Pet

The Auburn University Aubie Pillow Pet!

Purchase your very own Aubie Pillow Pet Here!

The Auburn University Pillow PetIntroducing the Auburn University Aubie Pillow Pet! Lovable and cuddly as ever, Aubie will sure to have your kids or anyone else who is a big fan of Auburn screaming War Eagle! With Auburn University winning the 2010 BCS National Championship Game this adorable Aubie will sure to be a collectors item. Act now, because supplies are VERY limited.

The Auburn Pillow Pet: A MUST for any Collector

The Auburn University Aubie Pillow PetSports memorabilia items come and go however quality items sell out fast. The Auburn University Pillow Pet is a item that will not be sold forever. To make matters worse, supplies are severely limited due to Auburn’s win in the BCS National Championship game propelling the popularity of Aubie  to new heights! Act now before it is too late. Supplies are in VERY short supply.

The Aubie Pillow Pet is a must for this Holiday Season

Go ahead and get a jump on your holiday shopping and purchase an Aubie Pillow Pet before supplies run out. As it stands now supplies are going to be in VERY short supply close to the holidays forcing prices of this lovable little Pillow Pet to new levels in the Fall and Winter. Get in now and purchase the Auburn University Pillow pet while we still have adequate supply. We cannot guarantee supplies will be adequate in the future so please act now!

Purchase your very own Aubie Pillow Pet Here!

13 Responses to Auburn University Pillow Pet

  1. Tom says:

    War Eagle!! Love the Aubie Pillow Pet! The Toomer’s Oaks will live on!

  2. Diane says:

    Love my Aubie Pillow Pet! So well made and very comfortable. I give it 5 stars!

  3. Stephanie says:

    War Eagle! Aubie is my favorite Pillow Pet. Can’t wait to get him in the mail. When I get older I hope that I can go to Auburn University. If my grades are good of course! 😉

  4. susanna says:

    War Cam Eagle! Can we still use Cam between the War and the Eagle?

    Who is going to Auburn tomorrow? Me and my Auburn University Pillow Pet sure are!

  5. Wetherly says:

    Going to the Auburn game tomorrow and my twin girls are insisting that they bring their Aubie Pillow Pets with them to the Plains! War Eagle!

  6. Justin H says:

    Well the Cardiac Kids did not disappoint today even though they scared the absolute snot out of me. In celebration of our victory I think I might buy me an Aubie Pillow Pet. Thoughts anyone?

  7. Cheney says:

    Well once again the Cardiac Kids did not disappoint! Thought I was going to bite my nails off while watching the game. Thankfully (for my blood pressure) the boys in blue pulled it out again! Why can’t we just blow the team out of the water and be done with it. Oh well, guess it wouldn’t be SEC football without these oh so close games!

  8. Rich says:

    It was a really tough defeat but I still love my Auburn Tigers to death. They are in a rebuilding year and after losing so many great players last year I am sure that most of the Auburn Family and the Auburn Faithful will have some patience as Gene and the boys get these guys back up and running again. I have been a little disappointed in the offense and the Quarterback in particular but I think that we will have that turned around as well. We just need some patience and let the coaches do the work. I have already written off most of this year so now I can just hang out and watch football without my blood pressure going through the roof. That is until we play The University of Alabama. Watch out Bammers, Auburn is going to be the spoiler this year and we would love nothing more than to take you out of the National Championship hunt!

    • Captain Pillow Pet says:

      I agree Rich. After so a great season last year it is hard to expect the same type of stuff after losing so many great players. I will give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt and let them do their work to get Auburn University back on their feet again. Even though Bama is probably going to be heavily favored I would not be surprised if it is still a really good game as they usually are!

  9. Dawn says:

    War Eagle! Homecoming is today and I hope everyone is really excited to be going to the game. If you are not going down to Auburn then all I can say is shame on you! The boys need support after this tough year and we need to be there to support them for this homecoming!

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