Boise State University Pillow Pet

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Boise State University Buster Bronco Pillow Pet









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3 Responses to Boise State University Pillow Pet

  1. Janice says:

    After putting a whoopin on Georgia Boise State is here and going to take it to the top! Don’t like our blue field? Tough! Watch out the Broncos are taking it to the house!

  2. Molly says:

    The Boise State Pillow Pet is the cutest BRONCO around. Ours finally arrived in the mail today and I already love him to death. So glad I was able to purchase this little guy before the holiday rush hits us. I will be sure to stop by again as you add more Pillow Pets to the Pillow Pet family! Thanks a ton!

    • Captain Pillow Pet says:

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa and we are thrilled that you like your Broncos Pillow Pet! Come back again soon as I am sure we will have more to offer in the very near future!

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