University of Florida Pillow Pet

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The University of Florida Albert Pillow Pet

The University of Florida Gators Albert Pillow Pet

Introducing the University of Florida Albert Pillow Pet! I will have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Gators but taking one look at Albert and I knew that I had to buy one. He has really got to be one of the cutest members of the Collegiate family here and even “Gator Haters” would be tempted to buy this little guy. For some reason I think that Albert really has a lot of personality and a really interesting look. Yeah, he is an Alligator however the designers of this little guy really knocked it out of the park when they designed the face and his other features because he really pulls away from the pack in the looks and “cuteness” department. The look on his eyes is about as good as it gets! Maybe it is the eyes that wraps it all together (I am still not sure) but what I do know is this entire package is something that no one can resist. Albert is a mascot that oozes college spirit and he is just an all around great looking addition to the Collegiate Collection. I am so glad that he is here and hope that you enjoy him as much as me and my family do. Even though we are not necessarily Gator fans we do love him being part of our collection. (Disclaimer: We always cheer for all SEC schools)

History of the University of Florida Albert Mascot

Many people don’t know this but there are actually two Alligator mascots for the University of Florida. One it Albert (shown here) and the other is Alberta who I would imagine is his girlfriend or spouse. (They don’t talk so I cannot find out for sure) What I do know is that when I have seen Albert and Alberta on television at the games or in commercials that Alberta wears a dress, has a bow in her hair, and also wears lipstick. Since we see none of these properties on this one I would imagine that we are looking at Albert. (Again, since they don’t talk I am not 100% sure. More like 99% sure)

It is somewhat evident to even the casual observer why The University of Florida might engage an alligator to be their mascot. I mean, come on! Alligators are everywhere down there! So as opposed to other colleges and universities where some folks might have to do a little research to find out why a certain school has a certain mascot, with the University of Florida it is pretty easy to understand.

The school actually chose the alligator for its mascot in 1908 and for many years would carry a live alligator onto the field. The live alligator first appeared in 1957 and that tradition went on until 1970 when the costumed version “Albert” was brought out and replaced the live Gator. In 1986 Albert was then joined by Alberta. The two are many times seen together but they do also make individual appearances as well. Albert usually attends mostly male events while Alberta is usually spotting at the Lady Gator sporting events. (With the exception being football games) Albert and Alberta have even been known to attend charity events, birthday parties, and have sometimes been seen at weddings!

The University of Florida Albert Pillow Pet continues the tradition!

With the popularity of the University of Florida Albert Mascot our little stuffed version here is going to have some very big shoes to fill. (Not alligator shoes or boots for any of you thinking that!) That being said I already think that he has pulled it off without a problem at all!

The University of Florida is a very proud institution of higher learning and they are incredibly excited about their sports teams and players. Ever been to a University of Florida football game? I have, and I can tell you that the excitement you feel in the air is down right infectious (and maybe a little scary at the same time). What I can also tell you is that Albert is a mainstay of this excitement and enthusiasm and I think that the mascot and the Pillow Pet alike really do make great representations of the University of Florida.

Purchase Your University of Florida Albert Pillow Pet Here!

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  1. Latisha says:

    I have to agree with Tamber. I am by no means a UF fan, however I have to say that the University of Florida Pillow Pet is without a doubt the best looking Collegiate Pillow Pet out there. No other Pillow Pet comes close!

  2. Tamber says:

    Albert (or should I say Alberta?) has got to be the very best Pillow Pet out there! The University of Florida Pillow Pet is the best looking one out there folks. Bar none!

    Gator Chomp coming to get ya!

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