Buffalo Bills Pillow Pet

The Buffalo Bills Pillow Pet!

Purchase Your Buffalo Bills Pillow Pet Here!

The Buffalo Bills Pillow Pet












Introducing the Buffalo Bills Billy the Buffalo Pillow Pet! Fully endorsed and licensed by the National Football League, this cute and cuddly Pillow Pet is sure to be the hit of any tailgate or while watching the big game at home. Covered in a very soft and plush fabric, Billy is always going to be soft and comfy to sleep with or to hang out with family and friends. Get your Billy the Buffalo Pillow Pet while we still have adequate supply and demand is still only moderate. Sales are sure to increase after football season has started and we cannot guarantee adequate coverage at that time!

Purchase Your Buffalo Bills Pillow Pet Here!

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  1. Francis says:

    Thanks for having the Buffalo Pillow Pet here. Been looking for this one for a few days now and just found it on your website!

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