Dolphin Pillow Pet

The Dolphin Pillow Pet!

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The My Pillow Pets Dolphin

This adorable Dolphin has not been on the scene too long however it is already making a splash! Children (and parents alike) are flocking to this cute and cuddly Dolphin and buying him just as quick as they can! With summer here and in full swing, now is the time to purchase your very own Pillow Pet Dolphin before they go back on backorder! This Dolphin also makes a wonderful gift for the holidays, so go ahead and stock up now!

People who are purchasing the Dolphin are VERY happy with their purchase, you will be too!

We are constantly reading positive comments about ALL the animals in the Pillow Pet family and the Dolphin in particular. These are just a few comments we at Pillow Pets HQ have received from happy customers:

“We have about seven pillow pets all around the house. My daughter has had them for about over a few years now and loves them all. She used to take them to her preschool were she used them at nap time until she started kindergarten last fall. It also washes well in the washer and dryer. Recently  we took one on a long road trip and it got really really dirty. I rubbed in some spray and wash and ran it in the washer, then dried it in the dryer on high heat. It came out looking like new and just as soft as before! These pillow pets are just so soft and comfortable to sleep on! Great value for the long use one gets out of them, and they are super cute!”

“My child sleeps with her Dolphin every night. It is super soft and VERY cuddly. After coming out of the washer, it fluffs right back to its original fluffiness. She also plays with it as a stuffed toy,  just like in the commercials. It really is a pillow and a pet! I would recommend this product for both boys and girls.”

As you can see the this Dolphin is quite a hit with everyone who owns one. They are sure to be in short supply so act now!

This Dolphin will be your child’s preferred sleeping buddy

Many parents who contact Pillow Pets HQ let us know that their Pillow Pets have been a key ingredient to helping their child or children finally go to sleep and stay asleep. And the Dolphin is no exception. By purchasing a Dolphin Pillow Pet for your little one you are most likely giving a gift to not only your child but to yourself as well. Imagine your child having a companion that they go to sleep with every night that helps them feel comfortable and secure. The Dolphin can do just that and we hope that he swims into your heart!

Act now while supplies last!

Order Your My Pillow Pets Dolphin Here!

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