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The Penguin: A MUST for every child in your home!

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My Pillow Pet Penguin

One look at the Penguin Pillow Pet and you know you have to have it! So cute and cuddly plus durable as well. The Penguin Pillow Pet is one of the most popular amongst the entire Pillow Pet Family. From time to time they are so popular that shortages do occur, so when you get the chance to buy one do not pass up that opportunity! Please note that with the new movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” appearing in movie theaters all across the country, demand for this lovable little companion is My Pillow Pet Penguinsure to go through the roof! Now is the time to buy this cute little Penguin before supplies run out!

The Penguin Pillow Pet is a wonderful way to teach your child about caring for animals.

Your child will love sleeping and caring for this wonderful. In fact it has been brought to our attention that Vet’s and Dog Trainers like using Pillow Pets to assist children in learning how to care for animals. Imagine that! You are not only providing your child with a wonderful toy but you are also giving them the opportunity to learn how to care for dogs or cats in a humane fashion. Sometimes children can hurt little animals because they simply do not know how to handle them. By purchasing the Penguin Pillow Pet (or any other animal in the Pillow Pet family) you can then use this cute little fellow as a teaching tool while your child has tons of fun! They wont even know they are learning!

So durable, the Penguin will be around years to come!

Not only is the Penguin Pillow Pet completely cuddly and plush, this little Penguin is also PLENTY durable. Most of our clients comment on how wonderful the construction is and how after months and even YEARS of continuous use these Pillow Pets look good as new! All Pillow Pets are Machine Washable and can be dried using the Fluff setting on your dryer. Even if this little guy gets dirty he will come out of the Dryer looking good as new!

Once again with the popularity of the movie “Mr Popper’s Penguins” the Penguin Pillow Pet is sure to be in short supply. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the Penguin Pillow Pet while you can!

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2 Responses to Penguin Pillow Pet

  1. Simon Johnson says:

    I agree with your assessment on the Pillow Pet Penguin becoming more popular due to the movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Even though that movie was a flop I am sure that the Penguin Pillow Pets are a little harder to find. Just like people buying puppies anytime there is a remake of 101 Dalmatians.

    • Captain Pillow Pet says:

      I would agree Simon. The Penguin Pillow Pet was very popular before the movie but has increased in demand since the movie came out. I will reserve judgement on the movie however since I have not seen it.

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