Bumble Bee Pillow Pet

The Pillow Pet Bumble Bee!

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My Pillow Pets Bumble Bee

This little Bumble Bee is a My Pillow Pets Orignal and has always been one of the favorites. With a super cute face and adorable little red nose this little bee will buzz his way into your heart! Customers continually comment how Buzzy Bumble Bee is their child’s favorite Pillow Pet to sleep with and travel with, but don’t take our word for it see for yourself!

“My three year old granddaughter sleeps on it as her pillow and loves the feel and My Pillow Pets Bumble Beesoftness. She started daycare and I bought another one for her to have for her nap in the daycare center. I wash it in the washing machine and dry it on the fluff setting in the dryer and it looks and feels good as new. She has been using it for about two years now and it looks and feels just as it did when it came out of the box. Fabulous product!”

“I purchased the LadyBug Pillow pet for my daughter’s 6th birthday! She LOVED it! SO VERY SOFT AND CUDDLY! They are quality construction and made to last! However, they do not make good chew toys for dogs. I woke up at 2am to my daughter crying dramatically and a destroyed Ladybug Pillow Pet. Of course, the next morning we went to get a new cherished Ladybug, but to my surprise, my daughter chose the Bumble Bee over the Ladybug. She takes it everywhere with her and rarely lets it out her sight. Now the dog now gets locked out of her bedroom at night so that this will not happen again. We love the Bumble Bee Pillow Pet!”

There you have it folks. You can’t go wrong with Mr. Bumble Bee.

Order your My Pillow Pets Bumble Bee Here!

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