Unicorn Pillow Pet

The Lovable and Adorable Unicorn Pillow Pet!

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The My Pillow Pets Unicorn

Rainbows and Unicorns! Rainbows and Unicorns! The Unicorn Pillow Pet is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite Pillow Pet! Why? Well, it is very easy to see. With the beautiful lavender color and cute unicorn prominently displayed one can easily see why this particular Pillow Pet is growing rapidly in demand. Plus, with the movie “Despicable Me” pushing the popularity of unicorns to new heights, one can understand why the plush and soft Unicorn Pillow Pet will be in huge demand for the The My Pillow Pets Unicorncoming months and years.

The Unicorn Pillow Pet: Not only soft but VERY durable!

Another reason the Unicorn is so popular is the fact that it is not only super cottony soft, but also incredibly durable. Owners of this plush stuffed toy comment that months and years after continuous use that the Unicorn Pillow Pet looks brand new! Here is a comment from a very satisfied Unicorn Pillow Pet owner,

“We purchased this for my little girl almost twelve months ago and it still looks brand new! She plays and sleeps with it all the time. It is incredibly durable and I love that it is machine washable! I kinda wish it was machine dryable but I totally understand why that is. My daughter likes to watch Despicable Me with her Unicorn Pillow Pet and everytime the “It’s so fluffy” scene comes on she grabs her pet and starts screaming “It’s so fluffy” throughout the entire house. That in itself makes it worth the $25 we spent on it.”

Due to demand for the Unicorn expected to increase, the time to buy is NOW!

With demand expected to increase due to the upcoming Holidays the time to purchase the new Unicorn Pillow Pet is now. This Unicorn is quickly becoming the most popular one of the whole bunch and will easily be out of stock this coming Fall and Winter. Also, due to the incredibly durable construction with quality materials the price of the wonderful plush toy is expected to rise.

Act now while supplies last!

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